Temporary Hair Color Touch Up Stick

Product name Magic Greyhair Dye
Net weight 20ml
Product form Solid
Act on Hair Styling
Product color species/name 2 types / Black, Dark brown, Coffee
Box size(L*W*H CM) pen:2.8*16/ Box: 3.3*3.3*16.

Magic pen is easy to use and quickly covers white or grey hair. It can be used to make your hair naturally shiny and smooth.

1. Gently press Press out the hair dye.
2. Apply to dry areas of white hair. Try not to get it on your scalp and hands.
3. You can wait a few minutes after use, Leave to dry.
4. COMPLETE!! Want to dry your hair quickly you can use a hair dryer.

Q1.Is it waterproof?
Yes , it is waterproof ,hair dye pen can still work under small wind, small rain and sweat.

Q2. What color do you have ? Can we do customized color ?
We have Black, Dark brown, Coffee in stock for sevich brand hair dye pen .And we can do customized color , If you want to get new color, we can also customize for you. Could you please let us know which kind of colors do you like? It will be great if you can send us picture and color code.

Q3. Can it cover white hair ?
Yes ,it can.Sevich hair dye pen help quickly covers gray hair, has a long-term covering effect and will not fade easily, and can make hair soft shiny, and natural to the touch.

Q4.How long can the color lasting on hair?
A:It is a disposable hair dye product. We suggest that customer use it in the morning and wash it with shampoo at night while keeping their scalp clean.

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