Temporary Hair Color Dye Spray

Product name Hair Coloring Spray
Net weight 30ml
Product form liquid
Act on Hair Styling
Product color species/name 8ypes / Red, purple, blue, white, gray, green, golden, pink
Product size(L*W*H CM) Bottle: 2.5*12.2 / Box: 2.7*12.4

Makes colorful and popular hair in few seconds. No odor. No synthetic dyes. Will not do harm to scalp and hair. Natural looks and non-sticky. Long lasting and easy to clean.

Hold the spray and spray along the hair that may need to be dyed. This hair color spray non-allergenic and water-soluble and environmentally friendly.

Q1.How long does the color last? Can I use it for sleeping?
Hair coloring Spray is for hair coloring. It can last for the whole day until you wash your hair. But actually we do not recommend you to sleep with hair coloring spray on.

Q2.How many colors are there? Can I customize the color?
We have 8 colors for now. They are purple, blue, white, gray, green, golden, pink, red . The first 4 colors are the most popular and hot selling. Meanwhile, we also support customized color, you just need to send us color code or color samples.

Q3. Can I add scent?
Our hair coloring spray is without fragrance. But if you want to add fragrance . We can also help you customized fragrance. Please tell us which fragrance do you like.

Q4.How do I wash off this product after use?
This product is very easy to wash off , you can wash it with shampoo.

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