Tea Tree Beard Grooming Balm For Men

Product name : Beard Balm
Net weight : 50g/ 1.8oz
Product color species : 1 types / Light green
Product size (L*W*H CM) : 7.2*4.5
Product form : Solid
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Pure natural tea tree oil moisturizes and softens your beard.

2. Smooths And Soft — Added Biotin Promotes Soft, Thick-Growing Beards.

3. Tames Flyaway Hair — Reducing Fly-Aways And Frizz.

4. Shine On — Conditions Nourish For Shiny, Soft, Beards.

5. This Tea Tree moisturizing beard balm penetrates at the root of the hair, nourishing the skin to prevent flaking and beard dandruff and that annoying dry-skin itch without leaving any residue.

Step 1: Scrape a Small Piece Of Beard Balm And Put Them Into The Palm Of Your Hand And Melt It.

Step 2: Then Spread The Beard Wax Evenly On The Beard From One Side To Another Side.

Step 3:Use Your Hand Or Comb To Sort Your Beard To Make It More Perfect.

Q1. Can beard balm be used together with beard oil?
A1. Yes, they can be used together sequentially. Start by applying the oil first, allowing it to be fully absorbed, and then follow up with the balm. The balm can help seal in the nourishing components of the oil.

Q2. Does Beard Balm Help My Skin From Being Itchy?
A2. Yes, the all natural ingredients used to make beard balm
helps moisturize the skin underneath the beard and reduces itching. Works really well for those who just started growing a beard

Q3. What is Beard Balm and what does it do?
A3. Beard Balm is designed to nourish and lightly style your facial hair and compliments Beard Oil. It helps to shape your beard, tames flyaway hair, and also makes your beard look thicker.

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