Strong Holding Styling Gel For Kid

Product name : Styling Gel for Kid
Net weight : 125ml
Product color species : 1 types / Transparent
Product form : liquid
Product size (L*W*H CM) :7.7*14
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Naturally lasting- long-lasting styling, even broken hair maintainable, dry shape.

2. Quick dry hair- not sticky, easy to take care of, refreshing and not oily.

3. Natural luster- water-soluble formula, suitable for all hairstyles and haircuts stereotype.

4. No alcohol, moisturizing gentle, don’t hurt hair, no stimulation, fragrance type.

5. For All Hair Types. Plant extraction. Use mild water-soluble ingredients to help maintain hair, refreshing moisturizing gel texture.

May be used on damp or dry although for best results use slightly damp hair.

Q1. Does it suitable for the kids hair?
A1. Yes, it’s suitable.

Q2. Does it can creat the hair styling?
A2. Yes, It’s best to kids hair styling created.

Q3. Is it natural ingredients?
A3. This products with natural ingredients.

Q4.How many gram per bottle?
A4. 125ml per bottle.

Q5. Do you have stock on sale now?
A5. 3 smells hair conditioner with stock now..

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