Softening Shaving Gel For Men

Product name : Softening Shaving Gel
Net weight : 100ml/ 3.3fl.oz
Product form : Liquid
Product size (L*W*H CM) : 3.3*10.2
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Clean – Gentle foam does not damage the skin.

2. Moisturize – prevents hair from drying out.

3. Antipruritic – Cool and calm to reduce irritation.

4. Nourish — nourish hair with abundant nutrients.

5. Refreshing Gel to protect skin from redness.

6. Clean and smooth for easy facial hair styling.

7. Look clearly at your beard to avoid acne areas.

8. Immediately lather and shave clean in one step.

9. Flush the water to dissolve, and immediately clean.

10. The Softening Shaving Gel is a clear formula designed to provide the highest level of visibility while shaving. Perfect for sharpening beard lines or detailing facial hair, the gel doesn’t foam or lather so it stays clear throughout the entire shave.

1. Fully moisten your beard with water. Apply proper amount of shaving gel directly and evenly to your beard to soften it quickly.

2. Trim the shape with a proper shaver.

3. After dressing, gently rub the beard until the gel is slightly frothy, and rinse it off with water after circular massage.

Q1. What are the differences between shaving mousse and shaving gel?
A1. There is no difference in terms of efficacy; both aim to soften the beard and minimize skin damage caused by razors to the greatest extent.

Q2. How should one choose between shaving gel and shaving mousse?
A2. Shaving gel produces less lather while shaving mousse provides rich foam. The choice depends on individual preferences.

Q3. What fragrance do they have?
A3. Both have a sweet orange scent.

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