Salon Cherry Blossom Leave-In Hair Mask

Net weight 30ml
Product form Paste
Product color species/name 1 types / White
Product size (length, width and height CM)Bottle:2.9*10.5/ Box:3*3*10.9
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Select cherry blossom essence, synergistically hydrolyze pearls and amino acid moisturizing ingredients, give hair moisture andnutrition, intensive repair, deep moisturize and nourish hair, help repairdamaged hair, improve dry and split ends, and nourish hair Smoothes frizz,leaves hair soft and shiny.

1. SPRAY — Shake first and spray evenly on the hair roots about20cm away from the hair.
2. KNEAD–After spraying evenly, rub the hair roots with both hands.
3. REASONING–Comb the hair, you can usecomb, you can also comb by hand reasonable and supple.

Q1. Do I need to rinse the no-rinse spray after using it?
After use don’t need wash it.

Q2.Can I use on the hair scalp?
we advice to use on the hair.

Q3,.Is it ingredients natural for hair?
This products with natural ingredients, and not do harm for hair.

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