Root Touch-Up For Eyebrow And Hair

Product name Root Touch-Up For Eyebrow & Hair
Net weight 2g
Product color species 3 types / Dark gray, Dark brown, Medium brown
Product form Powder
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Quickly create exquisite and charming eyebrows, with natural and waterproof makeup, and not easy to take off. Not only eyebrow powder, but also as hairline shadow powder.

When using as Eyebrow powder
1. choose a eyebrow stencil
2. untwist eyebrow stick
3. align eyebrow stencil
4. stamp brow
5. wipe off eyebrow stencil
6. flip stencil and repeat

When using as hairline
Dip the hairline powder with a sponge tip, gently press and apply it on the hairline, you can see a small amount as many times as needed.

Q1. Can I customize the color?
The MOQ for customized logo is 1000pcs.

Q2. What parts of the body can I use it on?
In addition to fixing receding hairline, naked large forehead angle, also can fill the thinning of the top of the head, even can also be used as eye shadow, eyebrow powder.

Q3.Is it waterproof?
Yes, rainproof, windproof, waterproof. Put it on you can feel free to go swimming.

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