Natural Long False Eyelashes Wispy

Product name : Fake eyelashes
Product color species : 1 type/ black

1. Decorate Your Eyes–Comes with a free eyelash glue.Put on these thin and long false eyelashes and your eyes would look bigger,brighter and more attractive,you will look naturally gorgeous and beautiful.

2. Natural Fluffy Soft and Comfortable–Featured flexible thin cotton band, super soft and skin friendly,easy and comfortable to wear.Using the simulation eyelash technology,the eyelashes can be as natural and soft as the human eyelashes.3D design,make you stand out all the time.

3. Easy To Apply–The eyelashes are full,fluffy,and comfortable,easy to apply. The roots of the eyelashes are soft,flexible,easy to bend.

4. Hand-Made Lashes– is made of premium ultra-light synthetic fibers.And each pair of lashes are handmade.They are as soft and fluffy as your own eyelashes.

5. The Perfect Gift–These 3D eyelashes are very suitable for weddings,photography, nightlife, parties or daily use.In addition, this is an exquisite gift for girls/lady.It is the first choice for Valentine’s Day,Christmas and Halloween.

1. Apply magnetic liquid eyeliner.

2. Put on eyelashes after 2-3 minutes of air drying.

3. Wear successfully after adsorption.

Q1. Is it semi-permanent?
A1. No, this is wash as you go. It is recommended to use makeup remover.

Q2. Is it eyebrow dye?
A2. No, eyebrow dye is a semi-permanent product, this is not.

Q3. Is it waterproof? Is it sweat proof?
A3. It has a certain waterproof, daily life can be maintained for 24 hours, but it is not recommended to stay in the rain for a long time, or to go swimming after using this product, which will be lost after a long time in water.

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