Natural Hair Color Dye Mousse

Product Name : Hair Color Mousse
Net Weight : 200ml/ 7.0fl.oz
Product Form : Liquid

1. Quick and easy staining in just 20-40 minutes.

2. Hair color can be maintained for up to 15 days without fading.

3. Rich and dense foam, easier to adhere to the hair root: 1)Not easy to drip and stain clothes;2)The texture is mild and does not hurt the scalp;3)Fully wrapped and evenly colored.

4. Press out the foam, no need to mix, directly color.

5. Easy to operate, just wash your hair to dye your hair.

6. EFFECT: Our thick, rich foam penetrates strands for deep color saturation that locks in rich color, giving you fade-resistant,salon-quality results. This non-drip formula spreads quickly and easily into roots and hard-to-reach places giving you complete coverage without patchiness. The result -natural-looking,salon-quality color. Our nourishing after-color conditioner seals in color for long-lasting, tonal richness.

1. If you have not used styling products on your hair, you can use the mousse directly on dry hair. If you have used, you need to wash your hair before dyeing, dry it and use it again.

2. Bring the protective tool in the hair coloring kit first, remove the mouth plug and press out the paste, rub the foam evenly on the hair (the more the amount, the better the coloring effect), and let the foam fully stain each hair and hair root, rub for 5-10 minutes until the head is full of bubbles, put on a shower cap, wait for 35-45 minutes, then rinse with clean water, you can get the color you want.

3. If you have a special hair type (such as silver gray, blue gray, rough hair, or white hair), the color will be slightly different after dyeing, and the specific effect depends on the individual hair quality.

Q1. How long does it last?
A1. Normally, hair color mousse can last for 2 weeks to 4 weeks. It is semi-temporary. When you hair gets gray, you need to use black hair shampoo again.

Q2. Can I wash my hair normally during coloring with Bubble Mousse?
A2. When you use hair color mousse , Don’t use other shampoo on the same day. After that day , you can still use hair shampoo to wash your hair during these time.

Q3. What kind of inner material is it?
A3. There are 2 kind of liquid in the bottle , Shampoo is bubble, and the oxidant is a brown liquid. You need to mix them first before using them on your hair

Q4. If the hair is not white but another color, can it be washed black as well?
A4. If you hair is not gray, it is other colors like yellow, brown, red.etc. You can also use black hair shampoo. Black tea hair color mousse works on all colors of hair and all kinds of hair.

Q5. Will there be any side effects? Allergic? Carcinogenic?
A5. The main ingredients are from natural plants. All the ingredients percentage is suitable for international standard. There is no side-effect. It will not do harm to hair and scalp. It will not occur carcinogenic. But you need to do allergy testing before you use this product.

Q6. How much is the dosage once?
A6. If you hair is short, you just need to use about 25ml each time. If your hair is longer and under your shoulder, you`d better use 50ml each time. If you hair is very long and under your twist, we recommend you to use 75ml each time.

Q7. Can I use conditioner after using Bubble Mousse Dye?
A7. Yes , you can use hair conditioner once you use hair color mousse , it can help hair soft shiny.

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