Natural Beard Style Balm For Men

Product name : Beard Balm
Net weight : 30g
Product color species : 1 types / Light yellow
Product size (L*W*H CM) : 5.3*2
Product form : Solid
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Nourish, Thicken, Strengthen Hair: It features host of natural ingredients that hydrate and retain moisture in the hair follicles and pores to keep your beard healthy and help it grow thicker and fuller.

2. Effective Beard Wax and Tamer: It is the ultimate beard care product for beard grooming. It keeps your beard moisturized and frizz-free while making it soft and manageable.

3. Styling Control and Hold – The balms give you the ultimate control and hold when you are styling your facial hair, no weighing down or leaving a greasy, oily feeling.

4. Goodbye Itch and Dandruff – Itching and scratching will be a thing of the past, just apply a small amount of beard balm into skin at beard roots to prevent flakes all day. Perfect beard softener and moisturizer for all skin types; normal, dry or acne prone.

5. Moisturizing, shiny lasting, lasting fragrance.

Step 1. First use the fingernail to scrape a smail piece of sevich beard balm.

Step2. Then put them into the palm of your hand and melt it.

Step3. Then spread the beard wax evenly on the beard from one side to another side.Use your hand or comb to sort your beard make it more perfect.

Q1. What is Beard Balm and what does it do?
A1. Beard Balm is designed to nourish and lightly style your facial hair and compliments Beard Oil. It helps to shape your beard, tames flyaway hair, and also makes your beard look thicker.

Q2. Will the beard balm make my beard shiny?
A2. Your beard will get shined up for sure but it won’t be greasy.

A3. Shape and control your beard.
Moisturize your skin and hair.
Prevent itchiness.
Prevent flakey skin.
Give your beard a fuller look.
Smell great.
Give your beard a slight, healthy shine.
Achieve a fuller looking beard .

Q4. What is the difference between three types of beard balm?
A4. All of them helps soothe the skin beneath your beard,
reducing itchiness and irritation caused by dryness or ingrown hairs.Only one has contains hemp which rich in Vitamin And the capacity is also different.

Q5. Does Beard Balm Help My Skin From Being Itchy?
A5. Yes, the all natural ingredients used to make beard balm
helps moisturize the skin underneath the beard and reduces itching. Works really well for those who just started growing a beard.

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