Natural Beard Blackening Dye Shampoo

Product name : Beard Blackening Shampoo
Net weight : 15ml
Product color species : 1 types / Black
Product size (L*W*H CM) : 9*7.5*8.1
Product form : Liquid
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Darkens your beard well: Achieve a younger look by transforming your white or gray beard back to its original black color.

2. Prevents hair loss: Its anti-hair loss formula improves blood circulation for better hair growth. See the results in just two weeks!

3. No harmful effects: It nourishes damaged gray beard to prevent hair loss and improve growth without any allergies or irritation.

4. Cost-efficient and time: No need to spend time and money to visit a salon or barbershop, dye your beard back to black in your own home.

5.Dye your beard in a natural and healthy way. Look and feel good with beard blackening shampoo.

6. One wash and black, convenient and fast, lasting color.

1. please make sure the beard is dry before use.

2. Wear the plastic gloves before opening sachet.

3. Extrude cream mix them evenly and apply on beard.

4. Massage beard well for 5 min until the shampoo spread out on beard.

5. Rinse and dry your beard.

Q1. How long does it last?
A1. Normally, black hair shampoo can last for 2 weeks to 4 weeks. It is semi-temporary. When you hair gets gray, you need to use black hair shampoo again.

Q2. if the beard is not white but another color, can it also be washed black?
A2. If you beard is not gray, it is other colors like yellow, brown, red.etc.
You can also use black beard shampoo. Black beard shampoo works on all colors of hair and all kinds of hair.

Q3. will there be side effects? Allergies?
A3. The main ingredients are from natural plants.
All the ingredients percentage is suitable for international standard. There is no side-effect. It will not do harm to hair and scalp. It will not occur carcinogenic. But you need to do allergy testing before you use this product.

Q4. how much is the dosage?
A4. If you beard is short, you just need to use one bag each time.
If your beard is longer, you`d better use 2 bags each time.

Q5. is it a natural product?
A5. yes , this product product is made by natural plant,
it’s very safy, would not hurt your beard and your skin.

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