Natural Batana Oil For Hair Growth

Product name Batana oil
Net weight NET: 40ml/ 1.36 fl.oz
Product form Liquid
Product size (length, width and height CM) Bottle: 3*7.7/ Carton: 3.4*3*9.7
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

100% raw batana oil provides the hydration your hair needs, lubricates and strengthens hair, it resists breakage, and grows into a full head of long, strong hair.

1. Massage shampoo into wet hair from scalp to ends and rinse.
2. Apply conditioner to wet hair after shampooing, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse.
3. Apply this curly hair conditioning treatment to wet hair section by section, and leave it on the hair. For 5-10 minutes before rinsing the hair mask out thoroughly.
4. Use the batana oil butter for thick coating, suitable for large area hair loss. Wrap in a towel for about 20 minutes and rinse well.
5. Spray leave-in conditioner spray onto semi-dry hair. Do not rinse.
6. Or you can use a batana capsule on shampooed and half-dried hair. Apply evenly on the hair and also on the scalp, do not rinse.
7. The batana oil can be used on hair and the scalp to massage as a leave-in treatment or overnight. For best results, use it as part of your everyday hair care routine for strong, lustrous hair and to prevent damage.

Q1.How long does it take to get results?
About 28 days

Q2.What flavor?
It is the flavor of batana oil, similar to coffee. Pure 100% batana oil, without any other additives!

Q3.What is the difference between batana oil and batana butter oil?
Both are oils, one is a fluid oil, one is a solid oil, oil as a solid is mainly the difference between the process, the natural cooling process, into a solid, making the molecular structure of the solid oil is more compact, less dense, better penetration into the hair follicle, stimulating hair growth.

Q4.How to use the two oils together?
Because of its tighter molecular structure and higher strength, the solid oil is generally recommended for emergency treatment, or when hair loss is severe and there is an urgent need for high strength hair growth products. For example: when a short period of time because of stress and found their own hair loss is serious, and urgently want to use hair products, then you can wash your hair at night and take the appropriate amount of solid oil in the scalp area of hair loss massage, until the solid oil melting, you can choose whether to smear the entire scalp and hair, and then immediately with a towel or shower cap to wrap the hair, in a relatively closed and warm environment, so that the oil better play its effectiveness, penetrate the hair play its efficacy, penetrate the hair follicles, promote hair growth, about 20 minutes after removing the cap, if at this time found that the oil has been absorbed almost no greasy feeling then you can choose not to wash, if you feel uncomfortable with the greasy feeling, then you can wash. After cleaning you can also use liquid oil before going to sleep, apply scalp, massage fully until absorbed. This step of the use of solid oil, making the scalp nutrition is very enough, it is recommended that about 3 times a week so that you can use, usually use liquid oil with strong liquidity for daily care, the use of liquid oil, no need to carry out the shower cap package!

Q5. Note that the solid oil is not a hair mask!
Q6. Can I use it on my eyebrows?
Yes, you can.

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