Natural A Type Fake Eyelashes Wispy

Product name : Fake eyelashes
Product color species : 1 type/ black

1. Type A unique shape–The upper tip and lower width of the eyelashes are A-shaped,the triangle id firmly supported,and the shape is lasting.

2. Makeup visual enhancement]–Can be grafted or embellished by grafting,the makeup effects is fresh and eye-catching,with a strong and lovely fairy style.

3. Two grafting methods–It can be grafted alone,or it can be based on multi-hair eyelashes and decorated with an A-shape for outstanding effect.

4. Long lasting curl–High-temperature curling process long-lasting curling,no deformation.

5. Easy to use- Single cluster false eyelashes are easy to apply and remove, they can be removed by eye makeup remover. Easy to remove from the box, no spillage. The packaging is beautifully simple and easy to carry.

1. Gently remove lash from tray using tweezers.

2. Apply with strip lash adhesive for one day wear.

3. Apply directly to lash line or layer on the strip lash of your choice for accentuation.

Q1. Is it easy to wear?
A1. Lighter and softer. More convenient to grasp and easier to wear.

Q2. does it come with its own glue and tools?
A2. It comes with glue and tools, which is more convenient and save time.

Q3. does it look natural?
A3. Different lengths can be freely matched and used to make the eyelashes look very thick and natural.

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