Moisturizing Mist For Curly Hair

Net weight NET: 100ml/ 2.7fl.oz
Product form Cream
Product size (length, width and height CM) “Carton: 4.2*4.2*14.5
Bottle: 3.9*14.2”
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

EFFECTS: This daily defining mist quenches even the unruliest type 3A to 4C low and high porosity natural hair, taming frizz, split ends, and flyaways while strengthening curly hair for silky shine and long-lasting hydration.

1. After shampooing and drying your hair with towel.
2. Apply this MOISTURIZING CURL MASQUE treatment to wet hair section by section, and leave it on the hair.
3. For 5-10 minutes before rinsing the hair mask out thoroughly.
4. Once your hair is dry, you need to start styling it by applying a MOISTURIZING CURL HAIR CREAM to your dry hair. Curl your hair with your fingers to your liking. Blow dry or air dry.
5. You can use MOISTURIZING CURL MIST when your hair feels dry and loses vitality. Shake the bottle and spray lightly onto dry hair. Scrunch with hands to revive droopy curls. An alternate method is to spray it into your hands, rub them together, then scrunch it in that way.

Q1.Is it a styling spray? Will my hair become hard?
This curly spray has a slight styling effect, which can keep the hair untidy.

Q2.What types of curls is it suitable for?
Curly spray is suitable for all types of curls.

Q3. How to use and how much should I use at a time?
After washing the hair, blow dry the hair, and then spray the curly spray on the curly hair. It can be sprayed 2-3 times each time.

Q4. Do I have to wash it after use?
This product is wash free, and you can go out directly after use.

Q5.What is the effect of the curly spray?
The curly spray is mainly used to repair damaged hair, solve curly bifurcations and flash, and moisturize curly hair.

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