Men Black Hair Hold Styling Gel

Product name Black Hair Styling Gel
Net weight 50g
Product form Solid
Act on Hair Styling
Product color species/name 1 types / black
Product size(L*W*H CM) 7.2*6.2

Contains a variety of hair care and moisturizing essences, Deeply repairs damaged hair.Constantly adds moisture and nutrition to the hair when dyeing, makes the hair color natural after dyeing.And has the coloring effect after long-term use.Which makes the gray hair gradually from white to gray, the final hair appears black, bright and supple.

1. Take an appropriate amount of pomade with your fingers.
2. Rub it evenly between your palms and fingers, apply it to the hair strands .
3. And arrange the hair strands along the flow of the hairstyle to create a fluffy look.

Q1. Can I customize the color?
The MOQ for customized logo is 1000pcs.

Q2. What is it?
This hair color gel formula plus instant black hair touch-up for white/gray hair.
The perfect solution to cover gray hair while adding a strong hold hair gel instantly.
Style your hair and cover white/grey hair at the same time. This styling gel not only finishes shaping your hair, but it also assists in concealing undesirable grey/white hair.

Q3.Is it waterproof?
Yes, rainproof, windproof, waterproof. Put it on you can feel free to go swimming.

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