Matte Texture Hair Styling Clay Wax

Product name Matte Hair Styling Clay
Net weight 100g
Product form Solid
Product color species/name: 2 types / Gray, White
Act on Hair Styling
Box size(L*W*H CM) 7.1*4.9

Sets hair quickly, no freasy hair, no dust, easy to clean, long-lasting styling effect.

1. Wash and dry the hair to about 80%.
2. Apply proper amount to the palm. Evenly and rub.
3. Gently spread the smear from the hair root.
4. Grap outward, cause style.

Q1.Is hair clay a strong styling effect? How long can the effect be maintained?
yes, the hair clay hair a stong hold function, keep hair in shape for a long time without getting messy. the effect can be maintain over 10-15 hours.

Q2. Is the hair clay water resistant and sweat proof?
The hair clay is water resistant and sweat resistant , no matter in summer or raining day (small rain) , the effect would not dismiss .

Q3.Does the hair clay have fragrance? Can I customize my personal scent?
the hair clay had a slight fragance, we support customize private fragrance .what kind of fragrance you want ?

Q4.Do the two black and white colors of the hair clay have the same styling effect?
yes , their effect are same , the different between them is color and package . One is grey and the other one is white .

Q5.Does the hair clay support to change the jar? Can we do other size?
we support customzie the other size and change the bottle , i will send some picture to you as reference , you can choose it as you like ..

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