Matte Hair Styling Clay For Men

Product Name : Matte Hair Styling Clay
Net Weight : 80g / 3.53oz
Product Form : Solid
Act On : Hair Styling
Box Size(L*W*H CM) : 7.1*4.9

1. Natural matte powerful lasting hold.

2. Easily create various hairstyles.

3. Salon class hairstylists use it.

4. Nourishing hair root and prevention of hair loss.

5. Strong hold and no white marks.

6. Super strong setting, durable shaping, non-greasy, easy to clean.

1. Wash and dry the hair to about 80%.

2.Apply proper amount to the palm. Evenly and rub.

3. Gently spread the smear from the hair root.

4. Grap outward, cause style.

Q1. Is hair clay a strong styling effect? How long does it last?
A1. Yes, the hair clay hair a stong hold function, keep hair in shape for a long time without getting messy. the effect can be maintain over 10-15 hours.

Q2. Is the hair clay waterproof and sweatproof?
A2. The hair clay is water resistant and sweat resistant , no matter in summer or raining day (small rain) , the effect would not dismiss.

Q3. Will the hair clay leave white color on my hair?
A3. As long as you rub the hair clay evenly on your hands when using it, it won’t leave any white on your hair.

Q4. Does the hair clay have fragrance? Can I customize my personal scent?
A4. The hair clay had a slight fragance, we support customize private fragrance .what kind of fragrance you want?

Q5. How to clean the hair clay?
A5. It’s easy to clean, you can wash it clean with shampoo together.

Q6. Does the hair clay support changing jars? Can it be made in other volumes?
A6. we support customzie the other size and change the bottle , i will send some picture to you as reference , you can choose it as you like.

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