Invisible Bonding Glueless Lace Gel

Product Name : Glueless Lace Gel
Net Weight : 113ml / 4.0 fl.oz
Product Form : Liqued
Product Size (L*W*H CM) : 15.8*3.9*3.9
Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

1. Temporary Hold, Invisible Finish, Extreme Hold, Moisture Resistant.

2. Long-Lasting And Adaptable For Anywhere.

3. Works great even in harsh environments.

4. The glue will not solidify at -20 degrees.

5. Strong invisible bonding.

6. Stick to the scalp can last for half a month.

7. It is Specially Formulated For High Humidity, Heavy Perspiration, And Oily Scalps.

8. This lace glueness gel with 100% alcohol free is used to make a perfect suture between the wig and the scalp. Extreme firm holding finish that last not only all day. Applies smooth and clear on the forehead for seamless and natural looking application.

1. Apply to the Hair System — IMPORTANT: If your piece is lace, skip this step. Apply 1 thin coat to your hair system.

2. Apply to Skin — Apply a thin layer to the skin, and wait 20-30 seconds.

3. Repeat — Repeat this step up to 4 times depending on how strong you wish the hold to be.

4. Wait and Install — After the last coat, wait a few minutes and press hair system in place.

Q1. How long does wig glue last?
A1. Lace glue long-lasting, the effect can be maintain half month untill you clean it .

Q2. Is it waterproof and sweatproof?
A2. Yes , lace glue is waterproof and sweatproof, Even if it rains or touches a little water, the wig will not fall off .

Q3. Will there be white residue after the glue dries?
A3. After using this glue, there will be no white residue .It can hide the edges of the wig very well.

Q4. Does the glue contain alcohol?
A4. This product does not contain alcohol,it’s very safe , we can also send ingredient list to you as reference .

Q5. Can I use it even if I have sensitive skin?
A5. lace glue is suitable for any kind of scalp , Will not irritate the scalp .

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