Hair Touch Up Fibers Powder

Product name Hair Fiber
Product form Fiber powder
Net weight 25g
Product color species 10 types/ Black, Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Auburn, Blonde, Medium blonde, Light blonde, Gray, White.
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Product size (L*W*H CM) 4.4*4.4*12.2
Box size(L*W*H CM) 4.6*4.6*12.6

To cover thin areas of hair, and make your hair thick and natural in a short time. Suitable for men and women.

1. Tilt the bottle at about 45°and hold it 1 inch like picture, if the thinning area is small. Gently shake or sprinkle onto the thinning area.
2. You can adjust fibers to increase or decrease on the hair by hands or comb, slowly pat your hair and fibers until reach your desired result.
3. While apply hair fibers on the front thin area. Please place your hands or hairline optimizer front of hairline to avoid get into face and eyes.

Q1.What are the fiber colors and MOQ?
We have 10 colors of hair fiber: black, dk brown, med brown and lt brown are the most popular in German market. We also have 3 kinds of bottle capacity available: 12gram, 25gram and 40gram. The MOQ are only 480pcs. And 25gram matting black bottle are very hot sell.

Q2.What is the main working principle of Fiber Enhancement?
Hair fiber is the third generation powder which imported from Japan. When you spray the hair fiber onto your thin hair, the hair powder can stick on the surface of your hair through strong electrostatic and adsorption. By this way, it occurs an appearance of fuller and thicker hair in only few seconds. It is temporary. You just need to wash out with shampoo.

Q3.Is the fiber waterproof?
Hair fiber can still work under small wind, small rain and sweat. No hair fiber brand can do water proof so far in the market. If there is heavy rain, we consider you will also take umbrella out!Meanwhile, we do not suggest you to go to swimming with hair fiber on your hair.

Q4.What is the main component of fiber?
We have 2 kinds of hair fiber: cotton and keratin.

You can’t tell the difference between cotton fibers and keratin fibers from the visual surface, you need to do a test to tell the difference, as follows:
1. By burning smell method: burning cotton fiber has the smell of burning plant, burning keratin fiber has the smell of burning hair
3. By touch method: the contact point of cotton is hairy, and the keratin feels rough like hair
3. Keratin is more electrostatic than cotton
4. Keratin is more waterproof than cotton
5. Keratin is wool imported from Australia, so the price is very expensive

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