Hair Texture Fluffy Mattifying Powder

Product Name : Mattifying Powder
Net Weight : 8g
Product Form : Powder-Granule
Act On : Hair Styling
Box size(L*W*H CM) : 3.5*9.2

1. NATURAL LOOK – Our hair powder for men gives you that desired natural look while providing you with volume and texture.

2. NO OILY OR GREASY RESIDUE – We formulated the hairstyling powder men with ingredients that don’t leave any residue around.

3. EASY TO APPLY – Our hair powder men styling is very easy to apply and use, simply sprinkle the powder and spread it through your hair.

4. DELIVERS MATTE FINISH – The textured powder for men gives you the styling and volume while also delivering a clean matte finish.

5. ADDS VOLUME AND TEXTURE – Use our powder for hair to give you the volume and texture you seek while styling!

6. Will provide you to build a natural puffy hair in seconds. Suitable for women and men.

1. After drying hair, apply fluffy powder on your hand, and them gently rub your hands and grab it to your hair.

2. After dyring and separating the layers of hair, spread fluffy powder directly on the hair roots evenly then make hair style with your fingers.

Q1. What is the difference between pomade powder and hair fiber?
A1. Hair volume powder is for hair styling and oil control. Hair fiber is for making hair fuller. If you use hair volume powder and then use hair fiber together, the effect is much more better.

Q2. Does pomade powder have any styling effect?
A2. Hair volume powder is for hair styling and oil control.

Q3. Is the rotating fluff powder pump head patented?
A3. You can still sell online or offline in your market. There are kinds of customers who use this bottle. There will not be problems. No worries.

Q4. Can I change the bottle for customization?
A4. Yes we can help you change bottles. Could you please send us pictures for which kinds of bottles do you like for reference? So we will ask my colleague to get for you.

Q5. Is there any difference between the inner material of 8g fluff powder 20g fluff powder and 4g fluff powder?
A5. They are all with the same powder inside. But they are just in different bottles. Our hair powder is middle-high quality in the market. The oil control and hair styling effect is very good!

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