Hair Styling Wave Control Pomade

Product Name : Wave Control Pomade
Net Weight : 100g / 3.5 oz
Product Form : Gel
Act On : Hair Styling
Product Color Species/Name : Transparent
Box Size(L*W*H CM) : 7.2*6.2

1. Natural wave pomade for men strong-hold–make your favorite 360° wave pattern come true.

2. Long-lasting hold, Strong-hold, Add shine, Water Based Formula.

3. The main biotin hair care — Biotin acts as a natural nutritional supplement to help restore hair loss and promote hair growth.

4. Moisturizing and curing modeling in one — Moisturizing & adding shine; Conditions of the hair & scalp; Prevents breakage of hair.

5. For all hair texture: The three types of hair are coarse, medium, and straight hair.

6. Our natural wave pomade can help you create a perfect wave style and stand out in the crowd. It contains various natural ingredients that nourish our scalp while styling promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss and dryness.

1. Dampen clean hair with a hot towel to soften it.

2. Rub a silver dollar-sized amount of pomade in hand until even layer forms.

3. Work into the hair in the direction of the desired wave pattern. Brush into the desired style.

4. Get that perfect wave pattern.

Q1. Is hair wax a strong styling effect? How long does it last?
A1. Yes, the hair clay hair a stong hold function, keep hair in shape for a long time without getting messy. the effect can be maintain over 10-15 hours.

Q2. Is the wax waterproof and sweatproof?
A2. The hair clay is water resistant and sweat resistant , no matter in summer or raining day (small rain) , the effect would not dismiss .

Q3. Will hair wax leave white color on my hair?
A3. As long as you rub the hair clay evenly on your hands when using it, it won’t leave any white on your hair.

Q4. Does Hair Wax have fragrance? Can I customize my personal scent?
A4. The hair clay had a slight fragance, we support customize private fragrance .what kind of fragrance you want ?

Q5. How to clean the hair wax?
A5. It’s easy to clean, you can wash it clean with shampoo together.

Q6. Does Hair Wax support changing canisters? Can it be made in other capacity?
A6. We support customzie the other size and change the bottle , i will send some picture to you as reference , you can choose it as you like .

Q7. Can hair wax help hair growth?
A7. Sorry, dear , hair wax pomade can’t help hair growth, but it have add biotion which can repare damage hair and prevent hair lost problme.

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