Hair Styling Holding Spray

Product name Hair holding spray
Net weight 100ml
Product form liquid
Product smell Light incense
Product color species 1 types / Transparent
Product size (L*W*H CM): 4.1*13.8
Box size (L*W*H CM): 4.3*4.3*14.1
Comfortable Various hairstyles and available, unisex

The exquisite molecule holding spray is lighter and more homogeneous. Used for hair styling and lasts all day.

1. After you clean your hair, blow it to half dry, fluffy hair roots.
2. Take the pearly size of the hair putty or rub the wax in the palm of your hand and start from the hair pinched from root to tip.
3. Set back 10-12 inches from hair spray styling spray, clean and hold for a long time to finalize the design.

Q1. Why should fibers be used together with styling water?
Works with Hair Fibers it is perfect for use as a fiber fixing spray, as it focuses on the hair fiber fixing effect, hair light styling effect and enough to suit all hair types and styles.
It’s windproof, sweatproof and moisture-proof, so your style stays put all day long.

Q2. Does it have good styling effect when used alone?
Of course you can. The powerful fixing ability gives your hair a layered texture, which is non-greasy, fresh and odorless.

Q3. Is it waterproof, sweatproof and windproof?
Yes, it’s windproof, sweatproof, and moistureproof, so your style stays all day long.

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