Hair Shadow Fiber

Product name Hair shadow fiber
Net weight 12g
Product color species Black, Dark brown, Coffee
Product form Solid powder
Product smell Light incense
Product size (L*W*H CM) 7*1.8*7
Box size (L*W*H CM) 7.2*2*7.2
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Large capacity, modify hair line, beautify forehead curve, cover a small amount of white hair.

Note: When the hair is dry, open the product, take out the powder puff, and lightly smear it on the hair to be dyed.
1. From the inside to the outside: apply from the inside to the outside when applying, apply to the forehead, it should be more and more shallow, you can wipe with your fingers, it has the effect of blooming, more natural.
2. Deep inside and light outside: the color near the inner side of the hair can be slightly darker, and it needs to be lighter and lighter near the edge of the forehead. The lighter color on the edge will be more natural.
3. Less staining and more wiping: each time, a small amount of powder can be dipped. After applying, you can apply a little color and apply it again. Remember not to apply too much at a time.
4. From top to bottom: apply along the direction of hair growth when applying. Apply slowly from top to bottom.

Q1.Can I sleep while using it?
It can last for the whole day until your wash your hair. It can also be held when you are sleeping. Normally, Hairline powder will not fall out on the pillow.

Q2.Can both men and women use it?
Hairline powder can be used by both men and women
Men can also use it on their beards to make their beards thicker.

Q3. Is there a test report for the product?
We have MSDS, COA, FDA, CE, AZO, TUV, ISO, stability testing, quality testing, paraben-free testing and heavy metal testing, etc.

Q4.Are your products organic? Are they natural?
All the hairline powder ingredients are from natural plants. And they are all organic. There is no animal testing. If you need, we can offer an animal testing declaration for you.

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