Export Finishing Hair Cream Stick

Product Name : Finishing Hair Cream
Net Weight : 12ml
Product Form : Paste
Act On : Hair Styling
Box Size(L*W*H CM) : 1.8*11.8

1.Mainly for sporadic hair.

2.Quickly Finishing broken hair, easy to use.

3.Plant mild ingredients, do not hurt, easy to clean, no residue.

4.The steps are simple and quick, saving time.

5.Non-permanent products. Wash hair using shampoo can be easily washed.

6.Similar mascara design, easy to carry.

7. Modifies broken hair, sets hair quickly, Long solidification time, fresh and not greasy, fresh and light. Small, easy to carry.

Dip the right amount and gently wipe to say goodbye to the broken hair, so that beautiful hair set and lasting.

Q1. Can it help hair growth?
A1. The mainly function of this product is shape hair and prevent hair loss problem . it can not help hair growth .

Q2. Does it make hair greasy?
A2. Edge control would not make hair greasy , but it will make you hair shiny.

Q3. How long does hairspray last?
A3. This product have a long lasting and strong hold function , the effect can be maintain over 20 hours untill you clean hair .

Q4. Does the hair clump together after use?
A4. It won’t make your hair clump up , you should rub the hair gel evenly on your hands, and then apply on your hair line .

Q5. Does this hairspray come with a hair brush?
A5. Yes ,the edge control is come with hair brush , it can help you apply the gel on your hair evenly .

Q6. Will the hairspray damage my hair?
A6. Hair gel is made by natural plant , we have add biotin , which can repair damage hair and prevent hair loss .

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