Hair Dye Color Wax Temporary

Product Name : Hair Coloring Wax
Net Weight : 120g
Product Form : Liquid
Product Color Species / Name : 10 Types / White, Gray, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, Pink
Product Size(L*W*H CM) : 7*5.2

1. Ultra strong hold–Style any way you desire, with long lasting effect.

2. Natural look- Premium non greasy wax with low shine gives the impression of a high volume hair styling.

3. Easy to wash – Wax washes off with a shower within minutes.

4. Flexible in water– Dab a pinch of water to even out any clumps and still have a strong hold.

5. Made with natural – Moisturizes your skin. Also excellent smell yet subtle.

6. Be used on straight hair and curly hair. It is with long-lasting shape, fragrant smell. Easy to wash out.

1. The hair must be perfectly clean and 80% dry.

2. Rub appropriate amount of colour wax on palm and rub evenly, then thoroughly apply on hair.

3. Style as desired with your fingers or comb.

4. Easy to apply and wash off.

Q1. How long does the color last? Can I use it for sleeping?
A1. Hair coloring wax is for hair styling and hair coloring. It can last for the whole day until you wash your hair. But actually we do not recommend you to sleep with hair coloring wax on.

Q2. How many colors are available? Can the colors be customized?
A2. We have 10 colors for now. They are gray, blue, brown,purple, green, red, pink, yellow, black and white. The first 4 colors are the most popular and hot selling. Meanwhile, we also support customized color, you just need to send us color code or color samples.

Q3. Can I customize the scent?
A3. Our hair coloring wax is with fragrance itself. We can also help you customized fragrance. Please tell us which fragrance do you like?

Q4. Does it get greasy?
A4. Hair coloring wax can make hair styling and hair coloring quickly. Long lasting without greasy.

Q5. Can I change the ingredients in it? Customize the ingredients?
A5. Yes. We can also help you customized ingredients in our factory. Please let us know your requirement. It will be great if you can send us the ingredients and percentage of each ingredients. We can do samples for you to test first.

Q6. How do I wash off this product after using it?
A6. this product is very easy to wash off , I suggest you wash your hair with shampoo, preferably twice, to ensure the color of the wax removed from the hair.

Q7. Is this product waterproof?
A7. hair color wax is not waterproof, So we suggest that after using the product, do not let your hair touch water.

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