Hair Color Root Cover Up Cream

Product name Hair Loss Concealer Cream
Net weight 30ml
Product color species 5 types / Black, Medium brown, Dark brown, Gray, Light brown
Product form Cream
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Naturally neat hairline modification powder;Beautify the forehead curve, natural pastel color;Waterproof and sweat-proof formula, long-lasting makeup and easy to color.Easy to carry, easy to even color, and covered with white hair.

1. Slowly twist base of the applicator until cream is visible in sponge tip.(first use may take several turns)
2. Dot cream onto area of hair loss or thinning. then blead into skin using the sponge tip using a circular motion. additional applications will give darker appearance.
3. allow to dry, then style and brush hair as normal. discontinue use if skin reaction occurs.

Q1.What colors are available and what are the hot colors?
We have 11 colors. They are black, dark brown, med brown, light brown, brown, lt coffee, gray, blonde, med blonde, lt blonde, auburn, red brown. The most hot selling colors are black, dark brown, med brown, light brown and brown.

Q2.Can I sleep without removing it? Can I swim?
It is water proof. So you can go swimming with it. You can also sleep with it. The powder will not fall down on the pillow.

Q3.Can I make a customized powder color?
If you want to get new color, we can also customize for you. Could you please let us know which kind of colors do you like? It will be great if you can send us picture and color code.

Q4.Can I change the bottle and ribbon color?
Yes. Could you please kindly let us know what kind of bottle do you need? Could you please also let us know which kind of colors for bell do you like? It will be great if you can send us picture and color code.

Q5. Is it windproof? Waterproof? Is it sweat proof?
Hairline powder can still work under small wind, small rain and sweat. No Hairline powder brand can do water proof so far in the market. If there is heavy rain, we consider you will also take umbrella out!Meanwhile, we do not suggest you to go to swimming with Hairline powder on your hair.

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