Hair Color Dye Depositing Mask

Net weight 100ml/3.5fl.oz
Product form Cream
Product size(L*W*H CM) bottle: 4*4*15.5/ box:6.3*4.2*15.5

This is a zero-damage color-depositing mask to refresh your salon color. Use this at-home treatment weekly to easily create wonderful hair color in just 10 minutes.

Apply generously to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Leave for up to 10 mins and wash out. Note: Color results and longevity depend on hair porosity and starting shade. Before committing to a full head of color, conduct a strand test. Apply Color Depositing Mask to a small section of hair. Leave for 2–3 minutes. Rinse. If the color is too subtle, try a second strand and leave it on longer.

Q1.what color do you have ? Can we do customized color ?
A:We have PURPLE/ COPPER/ MOCHA/ CHOCOLATE/ RED/ PINK/ BLUE/ SILVER BLUE in stock for sevich brand hair dye pen .And we can do customized color , If you want to get new color, we can also customize for you. Could you please let us know which kind of colors do you like? It will be great if you can send us picture and color code.

Q2. what is the differet with other dye shampoo?
A:This hair color mask is more easier colorant with safter ingredients . And it like the hair mask , so you need use shampoo before use it, it also for hair colorant and hair care , hair smoothy.

Q3. Does it work on all hair colors type?
A:We suggested use hair color mask on light color hair , the effect will be better, here is effect for same color mask on different original color hair type .

Q4. Can we use the bottle replace the tube ?
A : Yes , you can change it.May i know what size bottle do you like ? Here is some bottle type ,could you please kindly send us pictures for the package you like? We will try to get for you.

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