Hair Building Fibers 3 in 1 Kit

Hair Building Fibers
Product name Hair Building Fibers
Product form Fiber Powder
Net weight 25g

Fiber Hold Spray
Product name Fiber Hold Spray
Product form liquid
Net weight 100ml

Hair Spray Applicator
Product name Hair Spray Applicator
Product form Plastic

Instantly covers thinning areas and bald spots within seconds.
Super Easy Application and Removal combined with Hair Fiber Locking Spray to keep fibers locked in all day.
Spray Applicator makes applying hair fibers faster and easier.

1. Combine the spray applicator nozzle with the 25g fiber bottle.
2.Spray the hair fiber to the thinning hair area to effectively control the use area.
3. Use the hair fiber styling spray in the area where the hair fiber is sprayed, it can effectively fix the fiber and last for one day.

Q1.What are the available colors, can we customize the colors?
SEVICH is available colors are black and dark brown. If you choose to customize, we can customize other colors for you.

Q2. Can I combine it as you like?
Yes, you can combine it as you like. Usually popular on the market are Hair Fiber & Applicator & Holding spray, Hair Fiber & Applicator and Hair Fiber & Holding spray. Holding spray

Q3. Do you have any test report for the product?
We have MSDS, COA, FDA, CE, AZO, TUV, ISO, stability testing, quality testing, paraben-free testing and heavy metal testing, etc. We have also tested our products on the following criteria: the quality of the product, the quality of the product, the quality of the product, the quality of the product and the quality of the product.

Q4.What is the MOQ?
Only 500 sets can be customized.

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