Hair Building Fiber Spray Pump Applicator

Product name Hair Fiber Spray Applicator
Product form Plastic
Product color species 1 types/ Black
Mirror size(L*W*H cm) 9.7*5.2*5.5
Box size (L*W*H cm) 5.2*5.8

Spraying the hair fiber for the sparse area. Also it can promptly modity the roots of the hair.

1. Unscrew the cap on the SEVICH Hair Fiber bottle. Twist and remove the sifter on top of the bottle.
2. Screw the SEVICH Hair Fiber Applicator onto the bottle once the sifter is removed. Please continue to remove the traveling plug from th tip of the applicator.
3. Press your forefinger onto the black rubber pump to dispense the SEVICH Hair Fiber. To control the amount of hair fibers that are released simply use more or less finger pressure.

Q1.How to use with fiber bottle? Can I use it without a nozzle fiber bottle?
You just need to open the hair fiber cap and inner sieve. Put spray applicator on top of hair fiber bottle, switch it up tight. Then you slight press the pump, hair fiber will come out evenly.
If without hair spray applicator pump, hair fiber can also come out through the inner sieve.
Q2.Can I use it with a large bottle like Caboki?
This kind of hair fiber spray applicator can not match with that kind of big bottle. It might need to use an adapter. There is no that kind of spray applicator which suitable with big bottle in the market so far. Unless you open a new moulding to do this.

Q3.Why is there glue and gaps in the nozzle?
Since hair spray applicator pump combing is hand made. So it is unavoidable that there are a little bit glues on the appearance. We will ask our factory workers to choose the best quality one for you. Meanwhile, that small hole is for helping hair fiber spraying out. If without this, air can not come inside and fiber would not be able to be sprayed out.

Q4.Is Toppik registered with a patent for the nozzle, and can we still sell it?
Yes it is true. But we open new moulding for our own spray applicator. The appearance is similar but still differ from Toppik one. So you do not need to be worried. Meanwhile, there are still so many customers who sold same shape of Toppik spray applicator. They still do not have any problems.

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