Hair Building Fiber Spray Pump Applicator

Product name Hair Fiber Spray Applicator
Product form Plastic
Product color species 1 types/ Black

Spraying the hair fiber for the sparse area. Also it can promptly modity the roots of the hair.

1. Remove the cap of the Elevate Hair Fibers Bottle.
2. Remove the Sifter from the bottle by applying pressure and turning and lifting it off.
3. Carefully pour hair fibers into glass jar and tighten lid.
4. Squeeze the Elevate Spray Applicator ball to dispense fibers gently and accurately.
5. Applying more or less pressure controls the amount of hair fibers dispensed.

Q1.Can I print logo on the bottle?
Of course it can be customized, and the logo can be better displayed after customizing it.

Q2.Why is glass used?
Made of high quality glass bottle, you can watch the contents of the bottle in real time. High hardness, not easy to rust, strong adsorption.

Q3. Is the pump head rubber?
It is made of rubber, Rubber pump, high elasticity, flexible and easy to use, durable and practical.

Q4.What’s the difference between it and a normal nozzle?
The spray applicator is specially designed for the precise application of fibers in thinning areas. Using the sprayer makes it easier to distribute the fibers evenly. High hardness, not easy to rust, strong adsorption.

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