Hair Building Fiber Powder Applicator Pump

Product name Hair powder spray pump
Product form Rubber
Product color species 1 types/ Black
Mirror size(L*W*H cm) 5.5*10.1
Box size (L*W*H cm) 5.8*5.8*13

Spraying the hair fiber for the sparse area. Also it can promptly modity the roots of the hair.
For barbers, salon, personal use. Suited for most tiny powders.

1. Carefully pour hair fibers into jar and tighten lid.
2. Squeeze the Elevate Spray Applicator ball to dispense fibers gently and accurately.
3. Applying more or less pressure controls the amount of hair fibers dispensed.

Q1.Compared to other fiber nozzles, what are the different advantages of this one?
It is very light and small, easy to carry, and a large capacity allows customers to store any type of powder. It is made of silicone bottle body and plastic cap.
Silicone bottle body has anti-skid effect, while drilling plastic cap allows you to control the amount of powder spilled.

Q2.Is it rubberized?
It is made of rubber, high elasticity, flexible and easy to use, durable and practical.

Q3.Can it be filled with fluffy powder?
sure,Sprinkle puff powder where you want to use it.
Suitable for hairdressers, salons, personal use. Suitable for most tiny powders.

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