Edge Control Hair Styling Wax Stick

Product Name : Hair Wax Stick
Net Weight : 30g
Product Form : Solid
Act On : Hair Styling
Product Color Species/Name : 3 Types / Rose Red, Pineapple Yellow, Peach Pink
Product Size(L*W*H CM) : 3.68*7.58cm

1. Nourish and repair–contains honey, hydrolyzes silk to help you repair your hair.

2. Refreshing but not greasy– with hair moisturizing ingredirents, matte shape is not greasy.

3. Quick finishing– moisturizing factor, quick setting and finishing, rough hair can also be easily fixed. Fast setting, long-lasting.

4. Lipstick design is not sticky–Appropriate amount of flat push, bid fare-well to break. small and cut, carry it with you.

5. The matte and non-greasy styling effect is very good, smooths frizz, easily fixes broken hair / messyhair, can quickly complete the styling, easy to use, long-lasting styling, light fragrance,and personalized hairstyles can move with your heart.

1. Open the package and turn out the paste.

2. Apply the cream to your head.

3. Comb your hair in order.

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