Children Stick Hair Finishing Stick Gel

Product Name : Slick Hair Finishing Stick Gel
Net Weight : 80ml/ 2.7fl oz
Product Form : Gel
Act On : Hair Styling
Box Size(L*W*H CM) : 7.4*12.38

1.Mainly for sporadic hair.

2.Quickly Finishing broken hair, easy to use.

3.Mild ingredients and designed for children.

4.The steps are simple and quick, saving time.

5.Non-permanent products. Wash hair using shampoo can be easily washed.

6.With a comb design, shape and smooth broken hair quickly.

7. For the broken hair in the forehead, temples, back of thehead, etc., improve frizz.

1. Pull out the lid upward and rotate the comb half a turn (both sides can be rotated).

2. Gently squeeze out an appropriate amount of paste, comb the broken hair.

3. Turn off the comb after use, and close the lid.

Q1. At what age can I use it?
A1. Over 2 years old, and it is recommended that underage children operate under the supervision of their parents.

Q2.What certificate?
A2. We can provide MSDS certificate , which include ingredient list , chemical declare and safety Statement.

Q3.How long does the effect last?
A3. This product have a long lasting hold function , the effect can be maintain 12 hours.

Q4. Has it been tested on animals?
A4. All of sevich product do not have any animal tested .

Q5. Is it harmful to children’s hair?
A5. Our company is very focus on the security and safety , this product would not hurt child hair and health.

Q6. Is it sweat-proof, waterproof?
A6. This product is rain resistant , sweat resisteant.

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