Supplier 360° Foldable Mirror

Product name 360°Foldable Mirror
Product form Plastic-Glass
Product color species 1 types/ Black
Mirror size(L*W*H cm) Fold: 6.9*2.3*12.8 Unfold: 6.9*0.6*48.7
Box size (L*W*H cm) 7.7*3.3*13.4

4 mirrors (multi‑mirrors) can maintain visibility at almost any angle, You can use it to examine almost all parts of your face and head. Lightweight, portable design, easy to use.

Open for Use.

Q1.Why do we need to set up 4 sides?
4 mirrors (multi‑mirrors) can maintain visibility at almost any angle that should be a good tool to use with hair building fiber to prevent the fiber from falling to the face. Foldable design, light weight and in small size, easy to carry, very suitable for travel and use.

Q2.Can I print logos on all four sides?
Yes, you can print the logo on both sides or just one side.

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