For Mega Brands:
Low MOQ to Get Your New Product Line Started

Launching a brand new product line can be exhausting and risk-taking. Before starting your next new hot-sell products, take a chance to try a small number of products with a low MOQ service.

We at SEVICH has some creative packaging solutions to get you set up. Whether your a mature brand looking to start a new collection or a larger brand looking for a soft launch, we can help.

For Starter Brands:
Low MOQ to Better Control Your Budget

Working on an R&D project with us we can turn around 500 pcs. Our goal is to help your brand grow and sell profitable products from the startup.

Our customers and our marketing team have already proven that SEVICH assists clients in market analysis. Moreover, we can collaborate to identify the optimal packaging solutions, enabling you to swiftly establish your own hair care brand.

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