The SEIVCH brand was created with a simple idea: to help people grow, nurture and regenerate hair while protecting their health. The founder is well aware of modern people’s pursuit of beauty, and will not give up the guarantee of health while having fashion. Therefore, he is determined to create a professional hairdressing enterprise that “respects the power of nature”, develops and produces healthy Shampoo and hair care treatments that come from nature, and uses the products as a medium to pass on the concept of healthy hair growth, hair growth and regeneration to every beauty-loving person.


1. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, with 10 years of experience in the hair care industry. She previously served as a Sales Director for a local hair care brand in the United States and firmly believes that natural and organic hair care products will be the future trend.

2. Member of the China Association of Beauty and Hair recognized as an Outstanding Contributor to the Asian Beauty and Hair Industry, and an official member of the Asian Beauty Expo.

3. In 2014, Emily returned to China and founded the SEVICH brand, dedicating herself to being a leader in the field of natural and organic hair care.

4. After 9 years of dedication, SEVICH now holds over 36% of the market share in the natural hair care industry in China.


1. Vivid, a passionate pioneer in the hair care industry, Graduated from East China Normal University. He is renowned for his resilience and innovation and has a deep passion for green and healthy hair care.

2. A member of the China Hair Care Products Association recognized as an Outstanding Contributor in the Asian Hair Care Products industry, and an official member of the Asian Hair Expo.

3. In 2014, Vivid established the SEVICH hair care brand, bringing over 15 years of expertise in the hair care industry. With sharp market insights and innovative research and development, he introduced highly beloved hair care products.

4. Vivid is not only an exceptional entrepreneur but also a leader, advocate, and innovator. SEVICH, the brand he founded, has revolutionized the hair care industry, inspiring people to discover their potential and showcase their beauty.